IEC Motor B5T Flange Mounted Stainless Steel Motor - TENV replacement of SEW Motor

HZPT Standard Stainless Steel's severe washdown duty motors are designed to withstand the extreme and stringent sanitation requirements of today’s food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, and beverage industries. Tested to meet the demanding IP69K specification using high-pressure steam and water, HZPT’s food-safe stainless motors provide durable protection against the most extreme caustic washdown environments while maintaining a hygienic level to ensure uncompromised food safety.

Frame Type flange
Poles D E F G M N P R S T flange
71 B5T 4 10 35 2 8.6 100 80 120 16.5 7 3 4 134 129
80 B5T 4 12 35 3 10 100 80 120 14.5 7 3 4 134 135

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Motors?

Unique and advanced stator water washing technology insulation system

  •  NEMA stainless steel motor: it exceeds the standards of NEMA and EPACT
  • stainless steel motor: c60034-30-2008 efficiency (E2) standard.
  •  Different speed capacity: it can be constant between 20Hz and 80Hz
  • Instantaneous sound level: DBA level is the lowest range temperature in industrial production
  • standard thermistor:: PCT thermistor can protect the motor from high temperature

Frame structure

  • Stainless steel base: high-quality 304 material
  • Welding technology: precise machine welding inside the base, no welding marks outside
  •  Additional depth caulking installation: 100% firm additional depth caulking and sealing (explosion-proof tolerance)

End cover structure

  • Stainless steel end cover: precision cast high-quality 304 stainless steel. The front and rear end covers are firmly connected with stainless steel connecting wire, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.
  • Housing: the housing is matched with convex screws and stainless steel threads
  •  Additional depth caulking installation: the exceptional diving "O · type trap structure is protected at both ends of the end cover to prevent water from entering

Outlet box

  • Outlet box inlet structure: high quality 304 stainless steel pipe is welded to the shell and wrapped with epoxy resin so that the outlet box inlet completely prevents any substance from entering the motor.
  • Outlet box installation: the outlet box cover with O-ring can be simply screwed on or off, which is convenient for installation and maintenance

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Stainless Steel Motor Manufacturer

To ensure reliable consumer protection, the design requirements for food and pharmaceutical machinery have always been high. All components in the machine must also meet these requirements.
Since its establishment, hzpt has continuously developed stainless steel servo motors, gear motors, and torque motors with hygienic designs. A comprehensive range of products can be used with corrosive and effective cleaners, disinfectants, and high-pressure cleaners to achieve CIP.


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