Weasler 6 Series PTO Shaft

Weasler 6 Series PTO Shaft Compared with similar products in China, our advantages are as follows:
1. The forged yoke makes the Weasler 6 Series PTO shaft strong enough for use and work;
2. Internal dimension standard to ensure smooth installation;
3. CE and ISO certificates to ensure the quality of our products;
4. Strong and professional packaging to confirm the good condition when the goods are received.

Design features of PTO shaft

-Easy to lock protection system: provide full coverage at the maximum angle, conduct 360 ° friction welding on the protection cover, resist black, ultraviolet and ozone, and the cold weather impact rating is -35 ° C, which meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards, and the disassembly and installation process is fast and simple.
-Yoke: interchangeable with all other electric and standard yokes on the market, cast iron collars, and through holes to prevent debris from accumulating inside.
-Crossover and bearing kit: high torque capacity and longer service life. It is made of high-quality steel to improve strength. The standard kit can be upgraded to or interchanged with the electronic kit.
-It adopts the same component design as the home and metric product lines of ever power.


Rough forgings


All yokes are made of high-quality steel by forging. Much longer life span than casted yokes.

Customized plastic cover


New plastic material, High breaking strength, resist to low-temperature -20℃, color and printing customized.

Easy to lubricate

The lubricating nipple is protected during painting to make it clear

Protection to your engine

A shear bolt of the torque limiter is tested according to the required torque.

Other brands and models of PTO shaft

We can produce all these models with quality assurance

Bondioli & Pavesi BY2     BYP4, S4     BY5, S6     BYP6, S7     BYP7, S8, HB     BYP8, S9      BYP10     BYP SH    BYP SO
Walterscheid 2100    2200    2300    2400    2500    2600    2700    2800
Weasler 6 series     12 series     14 series     35 series     44 series     55 series     77 series

Applications Of PTO shaft

Weasler 6 Series PTO Shaft is widely used in implements for farming and forestry.

Including baler,cultivator,tillage,mower,chipper,tedder,rake

1. Components are made by forging

2. High-efficiency power transmission saves your energy.
3. Customized structure
4. Various options for connection types of yokes

Weasler 6 Series PTO Shaft Parts

Weasler 6 Series implement yoke

Clamp Yoke
  • 1″ x 15 Spline (Dim. B)
  • With Bolt Hole and Set Screw
  • 7/8″ Round Bore (Dim. A)
  • With Bolt Hole and Set Screw

 Round Bore

  • 1″ Round Bore (Dim. A)
  • With Bolt Hole and Set Screw
  • 5/8″ Round Bore (Dim. A)
  • With 3/16″ Standard Keyway and Set Screw
  • 3/4″ Round Bore (Dim. A)
  • With 3/16″ Standard Keyway and Set Screw
  • 7/8″ Round Bore (Dim. A)
  • With 3/16″ Standard Keyway and Set Screw
  • 15/16″ Round Bore (Dim. A)
  • With 1/4″ Standard Keyway and Set Screw
Square Bore
  • 3/4″ Square Bore (Dim. A)
  • With Set Screw
  • 7/8″ Square Bore (Dim. A)
  • With Set Screw
  • 1″ Square Bore (Dim. A)
  • With Set Screw

PTO Shafts Parts and components

EVER-POWER's PTO shafts and components will keep your equipment working. As a leading supplier of PTO shafts, we stock a wide range of standard, metric and constant velocity drive trains and PTO shaft parts and assemblies (implement yokes, clutches, oil lines). We offer drop-in replacement drivetrains and components, providing an easy solution for customizing or repairing your application. Ever-power stocks a large number of CV PTO shaft drivetrains.

Tractor Yoke Cross & Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke
Slip Sleeve Tube Tube Weld Yoke Implement Yoke
Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing

We Also Supply Agricultural gearboxes

If you also need the agricultural gearboxes, click here:https://www.ever-power.net/agricultural-gearbox/.

Expand knowledge -- PTO Link Quick Connect System

The PTO link is changing how Tractor Owners connect the implement driveline to the PTO output shaft - all in 30 seconds. The PTO Link is designed to simplify the operation of the tractor power take-off. It is mounted directly on any universal 6-pin PTO connection. As an essential safety precaution, shut down the engine and block any rotating parts before using the PTO. Do not wear any loose clothing that may be involved in the machine. PTO safety is paramount, and all precautions should be taken. The PTO link is very easy to use and uses Aerospace Technology for precise design to handle the most difficult tasks.
Use safety
Easy to install and connect accessories
1045 carbon steel
CNC cutting to precision
QPQ coating (case hardened to 3 times carbon steel)
QPQ has excellent wear resistance, improved fatigue strength, and strong corrosion resistance
Applicable to standard 6-tooth splines
Spline shaft designed according to SAE j1995
Intended as a permanent tractor accessory

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