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In 2000, EPG took the guide in gaining ISO14001 setting administration certification and thereafter passed the inspection of clean manufacturing and recycling economic climate, profitable the title of "Zhejiang Inexperienced Business". The merchandise nicely displays environmental protection and power preserving. Innovative thermo treatment method equipment, these kinds of as network heat treatment method oven, multi-use thermo treatment oven, etc. Basic Information for SIRCA slewing ring bearings 2PI period120 period01 period
Design colon2PI period120 period01
OD equals1200MM
ID equals912MM
H equals90MM
W periodT time period equals172kg
Much more particulars comma remember to speak to us faster period time period time period interval time period period of time period period of time period period of time

one periodIntroduction of EPT slewing bearings
EPT is a specialist producer in slewing ring bearings considering that 1993 periodWe can also style and make other stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd and non-stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd ball bearings comma roller bearings and precision bearings as for each buyer aposs various technical specifications time period
EPT bearing is also known as slewing ring comma slewing ring bearing comma turntable bearing comma and rotary bearing period of time
The solitary row ball slewing ring bearing is composed of 2 seat-rings periodThe balls get in touch with with the circular race at four details comma by way of which the aXiHu (West EPT) pressure comma radial force and resultant moment may possibly be born EPTTltaneously time period

two periodStructure of EPT slewing bearings
EPT ring bearings have diverse sorts as for each distinct structures colon
Solitary row ball slewing bearings
EPTT row ball slewing bearings
Crossed roller slewing bearings
Triple row roller slewing bearings
Flange slewing bearings

three periodWhy pick EPT slewing bearings
A pioneer in slewing bearing discipline comma abundant encounter comma can do design and style comma produce comma mounting XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.
Small orEPTTaccepted
SO qualified firm
Variorum types
seven ast24hours hotline to help you with your cranes
Rigorous quality handle technique to make sure high quality for slewing bearing

four periodApplication colonFor harbour and shipyard crane
Mine EPTT comma port hoisting EPTT comma port oil transfer gear comma onshore and offshore crane comma excavator comma concrete EPTT comma paper EPTT comma plastic and rubber EPTT comma weave EPTT comma metal EPTT comma electronic EPTT EPTT comma wind EPTT generator comma other construction and sector EPTTs or equipments period

2C period571 period00
2C period571 period00
2C period0648 period00
2C period0748 period00
2C period0848 period00
2C period0948 period00
2C period1048 period00
2C period1198 period00
2CP period110 period00
2CP period120 period01
2CP period130 period00
2CP period140 period00
2CP period150 period00
2CP period160 period00
2CI period051 period00
2CI period064 period00
2CI period074 period00
2CI period084 period00
2CI period094 period00
2CI period104 period00
2CI period119 period00
2PI period110 period00
2PI period120 period01
2PI period130 period00
2PI period140 period00
2PI period150 period00
2PI period160 period00
2CE period050 period00
2CE period064 period00
2CE period074 period00
2CE period084 period00
2CE period094 period00
2CE period104 period00
2CE period119 period00
2PE period110 period00
2PE period120 period01
2PE period130 period00
2PE period140 period00
2PE period150 period00
2PE period160 period00
2UN period040 period00
2UN period050 period00
2UN period070 period00
2UN period080 period00
2UN period088 period00
2UN period100 period00
2UN period110 period00
2UI period050 period00
2UI period070 period00
2UI period080 period00
2UI period088 period00
2UI period100 period00
2UI period110 period00
2DU period080 period00
2DU period088 period00
2DU period100 period00
2IU period080 period00
2IU period088 period00
2IU period100 period00
2CS period032 period00
2CS period039 period00
2CS period040 period00
2CS period047 period00
2CS period048 period00
2CS period061 period00
2CS period071 period10
2CS period081 period00
2CS period091 period00
2CS period101 period00
2CS period116 period00
2CS period140 period02
2CS period038 period00
2CS period048 period10
2CS period055 period00
2CS period065 period00
2CS period085 period00
2CS period095 period00
2CS period105 period00
2CS period115 period00
2CS period125 period00
2CS period135 period00
2CS period145 period00
2CS period155 period00
2CS period045 period00
2CS period062 period10
2CS period071 period00
2CS period113 period00
2SD period050 period00
2SD period085 period00
2SD period097 period00
2SD period120 period00
2DI period032 period00
2DI period041 period00
2DI period045 period00
2DI period058 period00
2DI period038 period00
2DI period048 period00
2DI period053 period00
2DI period061 period00
2DI period064 period00
2DI period071 period00
2DI period081 period00
2DI period091 period10
2DI period101 period10
2DI period106 period00
2DI period116 period00
2DI period140 period00
2DI period057 period00
2DI period065 period00
2DI period075 period00
2DI period085 period00
2DI period085 period10
2DI period095 period00
2DI period095 period10
2DI period105 period10
2DI period115 period10
2DI period125 period00
2DI period135 period00
2DI period145 period00
2DI period101 period00
2DI period129 period00
2DI period136 period00
2DI period142 period00
2ID period057 period00
2ID period070 period00
2ID period097 period00
2ID period105 period00
2ID period085 period00
2ID period095 period00
2ID period106 period00
2ID period117 period00
2IE period031 period00
2IE period031 period10
2IE period035 period00
2IE period040 period00
2IE period043 period00
2IE period050 period00
2IE period064 period00
2IE period074 period00
2IE period083 period00
2IE period095 period00
2IE period104 period00
2IE period119 period00
2IE period050 period10
2IE period058 period00
2IE period059 period00
2IE period079 period00
2IE period086 period00
2IE period089 period00
2IE period099 period00
2IE period109 period10
2IE period119 period10
2IE period120 period00
2IE period129 period00
2IE period139 period00
2IE period143 period00
2IE period149 period00
2IE period159 period00
2IE period166 period00
2IE period114 period00
2IE period128 period00
2IE period138 period00
2IE period180 period00
2DE period042 period00
2DE period050 period00
2DE period086 period00
2DE period108 period00
2DE period059 period00
2DE period069 period00
2DE period071 period00
2DE period083 period00
2DE period097 period00
2DE period114 period00
2DE period120 period00
2DE period138 period00
2DE period116 period00
2DE period128 period00
2DE period147 period00
2DE period180 period00

2C.571.00 2C.571.00 2C.0648.00 2C.0748.00 2C.0848.00 2C.0948.00
2C.1048.00 2C.1198.00 2CP.a hundred and ten.00 hundred twenty.01 2CP.a hundred thirty.00 2CP.140.00
2CP.150.00 2CP.160.00 2CI.051.00 2CI.064.00 2CI.074.00 2CI.084.00
2CI.094.00 2CI.104.00 2CI.119.00 2PI.a hundred and ten.00 2PI.a hundred and twenty.01 2PI.130.00
2PI.a hundred and forty.00 2PI.a hundred and fifty.00 2PI.a hundred and sixty.00 2CE.050.00 2CE.064.00 2CE.074.00
2CE.084.00 2CE.094.00 2CE.104.00 2CE.119.00 hundred ten.00 2PE.a hundred and twenty.01
2PE.a hundred thirty.00 2PE.140.00 hundred fifty.00 hundred sixty.00 2UN.040.00 2UN.050.00
2UN.070.00 2UN.080.00 2UN.088.00 hundred.00 2UN.110.00 2UI.050.00
2UI.070.00 2UI.080.00 2UI.088.00 hundred.00 2UI.a hundred and ten.00 2DU.080.00
2DU.088.00 2DU.100.00 2IU.080.00 2IU.088.00 2IU.100.00 2CS.032.00
2CS.039.00 2CS.040.00 2CS.047.00 2CS.048.00 2CS.061.00 2CS.071.ten
2CS.081.00 2CS.091.00 hundred and one.00 2CS.116.00 hundred forty.02 2CS.038.00
2CS.048.ten 2CS.055.00 2CS.065.00 2CS.085.00 2CS.095.00 hundred and five.00 hundred fifteen.00 2CS.125.00 hundred thirty five.00 2CS.a hundred forty five.00 2CS.155.00 2CS.045.00
2CS.062.ten 2CS.071.00 2CS.113.00 2SD.050.00 2SD.085.00 2SD.097.00
2SD.120.00 2DI.032.00 2DI.041.00 2DI.045.00 2DI.058.00 2DI.038.00
2DI.048.00 2DI.053.00 2DI.061.00 2DI.064.00 2DI.071.00 2DI.081.00
2DI.091.ten hundred and one.ten 2DI.106.00 2DI.116.00 2DI.a hundred and forty.00 2DI.057.00
2DI.065.00 2DI.075.00 2DI.085.00 2DI.085.ten 2DI.095.00 2DI.095.ten
2DI.105.ten 2DI.115.ten hundred twenty five.00 2DI.135.00 hundred forty five.00 zero one.00
2DI.129.00 2DI.136.00 2DI.142.00 2ID.057.00 2ID.070.00 2ID.097.00
2ID.105.00 2ID.085.00 2ID.095.00 2ID.106.00 2ID.117.00 2IE.031.00
2IE.031.10 2IE.035.00 2IE.040.00 2IE.043.00 2IE.050.00 2IE.064.00
2IE.074.00 2IE.083.00 2IE.095.00 2IE.104.00 2IE.119.00 2IE.050.ten
2IE.058.00 2IE.059.00 2IE.079.00 2IE.086.00 2IE.089.00 2IE.099.00
2IE.109.10 2IE.119.10 2IE.a hundred and twenty.00 2IE.129.00 2IE.139.00 2IE.143.00
2IE.149.00 2IE.159.00 2IE.166.00 2IE.114.00 2IE.128.00 2IE.138.00
2IE.a hundred and eighty.00 2DE.042.00 2DE.050.00 2DE.086.00 2DE.108.00 2DE.059.00
2DE.069.00 2DE.071.00 2DE.083.00 2DE.097.00 2DE.114.00 2DE.120.00
2DE.138.00 2DE.116.00 2DE.128.00 2DE.147.00 2DE.a hundred and eighty.00

  in Najaf Iraq  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Supply Sirca Slewing Rings with 1-Year-Warranty  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Najaf Iraq  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Supply Sirca Slewing Rings with 1-Year-Warranty  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler


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