Description of Linear and Angular Planetary Gearbox

The linear and bevel planetary gears have excellent modularity and flexibility.
A variety of gear ratio combinations and output configurations with 10 different gear sizes and 5 bevel gear stages make this range very suitable for all situations that require compactness, long life, easy installation, and fast delivery.

Note: the installation dimensions of the planetary gearbox, wheel drive gearbox, winch drive gearbox, and track drive gearbox produced by us are entirely consistent with those of regiana riduttori, and the performance parameters are very close to those of regiana riduttori, which can be used instead of those of regiana riduttori.

Here are the models we can replace regiana riduttori:

Reggiana Riduttori Model RR3500 RR3500D RR3500T RR3500Q RA3500 RA3500D RA3500T
Ever-power Model EP-RR3500 EP-RR3500D EP-RR3500T EP-RR3500Q EP-RA3500 EP-RA3500D EP-RA3500T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR5000 RR5000D RR5000T RR5000Q RA5000 RA5000D RA5000T
Ever-power Model EP-RR5000 EP-RR5000D EP-RR5000T EP-RR5000Q EP-RA5000 EP-RA5000D EP-RA5000T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR6300 RR6300D RR6300T RR6300Q RA6300 RA6300D RA6300T
Ever-power Model EP-RR6300 EP-RR6300D EP-RR6300T EP-RR6300Q EP-RA6300 EP-RA6300D EP-RA6300T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR8000 RR8000D RR8000T RR8000Q RA8000D RA8000T
Ever-power Model EP-RR8000 EP-RR8000D EP-RR8000T EP-RR8000Q EP-RA8000D EP-RA8000T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR12500 RR12500D RR12500T RR12500Q RA12500D RA12500T
Ever-power Model EP-RR12500 EP-RR12500D EP-RR12500T EP-RR12500Q EP-RA12500D EP-RA12500T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR16000 RR16000D RR16000T RR16000Q RA16000D RA16000T
Ever-power Model EP-RR16000 EP-RR16000D EP-RR16000T EP-RR16000Q EP-RA16000D EP-RA16000T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR32000 RR32000D RR32000T RR32000Q RA32000D RA32000T
Ever-power Model EP-RR32000 EP-RR32000D EP-RR32000T EP-RR32000Q EP-RA32000D EP-RA32000T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR40000 RR40000D RR40000T RR40000Q RA40000D RA40000T
Ever-power Model EP-RR40000 EP-RR40000D EP-RR40000T EP-RR40000Q EP-RA40000D EP-RA40000T
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR510V1 RR710V1 RR810V1 RR1010V1 RR1700V1 RR2700V1 RR3500V1
Ever-power Model EP-RR510V1 EP-RR710V1 EP-RR810V1 EP-RR1010V1 EP-RR1700V1 EP-RR2700V1 EP-RR3500V1
Reggiana Riduttori Model RR810Z1 RR1010Z1 RR1700Z1 RR2700Z1 RR3500Z1 RR5000Z1 RR6300Z1
Ever-power Model EP-RR810Z1 EP-RR1010Z1 EP-RR1700Z1 EP-RR2700Z1 EP-RR3500Z1 EP-RR5000Z1 EP-RR6300Z1

Feature of Linear and Angular Planetary Gearbox

  • The planetary gearbox adopts modular design and production, which can be combined according to customer requirements.
  • Design of involute planetary gear
  • The ductile iron shell can increase rigidity and explosion resistance
  • The heavy-duty bearing on the low-speed shaft can bear a large radial load due to the proportional distribution of torque
  • All gears are subject to surface hardening treatment, with high surface hardness, ensuring transmission efficiency and the service life of the whole gearbox
  • There are 16 types of planetary gearboxes with different torque ranges, and each type has 1-5 reduction stages to achieve different transmission ratios
  • Ratio range: 3.15-9000
  • Input power: 0.25-55kw
  • Allowable torque range: ≤ 800000n. rice
  • Output speed: 0.425-445 r/min
  • Structural mode: the possibility of the flange, anchor, or shaft installation solution
  • Extensive and comprehensive n series for industrial applications
  • Low speed shaft design: cylindrical shaft with key, spline shaft, hollow shaft with shrink disk, or hollow spline shaft
  • Rigid and precision ductile iron housing
  • Low noise operation, high manufacturing quality standards
  • High performance and reliability, strong bearing capacity, low-speed bearing

Application of Linear and Angular Planetary Gearbox

  • Machinery industry, chemical and plastic industry, food industry
  • Construction, Industry
  • Mining, agriculture, forestry,
  • Transportation and lifting system,
  • Navy, wind turbine.

Other Types of Planetary Gearboxes

Gear Speed Reducer for Tracked Vehicle Gear Speed Reducer for Winch Planetary Gear Reducer for Wheeled Vehicle
Planetary Slewing Drive Gear Speed Reducer for Wind Turbines Inline Planetary Gear Reducer
Right Angle Gear Drives Power Wheel Planetary Gear Drive Feed Mixer Drive

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