90 Degree Gearbox

Right-angle gearboxes consist of drive and output shafts positioned at a 90-degree angle. These shafts can intersect in one plane or two parallel planes. The resulting angle is called the shaft offset. There are several different right-angle gearboxes, but the two most common single-stage types are beveled gearboxes and worm gearboxes. However, some units feature both types of shafts.

What is a Right Angle Gearbox?

A right-angle gearbox is a gearbox in which the input and output shafts meet at a 90-degree angle. This configuration allows torque to be transferred from one shaft to a vertical shaft - using rotation to transfer power.
Right-angle transmissions are used in many types of machine designs, including automotive transmissions and industrial applications. Gearboxes are ideal for these environments because they are compact, efficient, reliable and durable.
We manufacture a wide range of helical gears, worm gears and spiral bevel gearboxes.

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The Importance of Agricultural Gearboxes

Agricultural gearboxes optimize machine performance for farmers, allowing them to maximize productivity. These gearboxes consist of shafts and gears enclosed within a housing; the power transmitted from the input shaft to one or more output shafts varies in direction, speed, and rotation between the input and output shafts.
The wear and tear of the gears can cause significant losses to farmers, who are the main users of the equipment. Agricultural applications require high-quality transmissions. From soil preparation to sowing, harvesting, and preparing various goods, the entire food cycle is critical for gearboxes in agricultural equipment. Because as the population grows, the demand for food increases, and the attendant wear and tear on equipment increases, farmers will significantly need their high-quality reliance on machine parts. Otherwise, costly downtime can severely hamper production and fail to meet growing demand.

For Feed mixers:

Gearboxes are widely used in agricultural machinery for feed collection, feed mixing, and distribution or cleaning of livestock.

For Soil preparation:

Agricultural gearboxes for machines in small agrarian engineering, soil preparation, and crop handling.

Maintenance of green spaces:

Power transmission systems designed to the specific needs of agriculture machinery for gardening and maintenance of green spaces.

Agricultural Service application:

Power transmission systems are designed to meet the construction industry's requirements and community services: from cement mixers to hydraulic pumps and generator sets.

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High-quality agricultural right-angle gearbox

Our right-angle gearboxes feature efficient and compact designs, quiet operation, and reliable, economical speed and power transmission. Our right-angle gearboxes feature spiral bevel gears mounted on input and output shafts positioned at a 90-degree angle, allowing the gearbox to intersect one or two parallel planes.
The curved teeth of the premium spiral bevel gear improve high-speed contact and reduce vibration and noise. The fully enclosed design provides maintenance-free operation while ensuring that the internal gears are not misaligned, clogged, or contaminated with debris.

Special Gearbox-Customized Product

The world of reducer gearboxes offers a wide variety of complex solutions for various applications. The most common gearboxes include spur gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, planetary drives, variable speed gearboxes, and shaft gears, which can be combined in any way.
In many areas, "basic" standard gearboxes do not always work: solutions tailored to individual applications are required here. As an experienced manufacturer of special gearboxes, this is our core competency.








Which gearbox is best for your application?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a gearbox, including shaft orientation, speed ratios, type of design, nature of the load, installation location, and the environment of the application itself. However, this process begins with determining the type of gearbox best for your application. The table below explains the main differences for each transmission we have to offer.

Once the appropriate transmission is determined, other factors are considered to ensure the appropriate subtype, configuration and size are selected. Advanced gearboxes can modify any standard configuration to customize each unit to your specific application.

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China high quality K Series Helical-Bevel Gear Box with Ad K Series Gear Ratios Small 90 Degree Gearbox Motor Speed Reducer Transmission manufacturer

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China factory Desboer Nfr075 Series Double Segment 90-Degree High-Precision Planetary Gearbox with Great quality

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Product Description Starshine Drive K Series Helical -Bevel Geared Motor Features: -High efficiency: 92%-93%; -Vertical output, compact structure, hard tooth surface , large output torque, low noise and long service life. -High precision: the gear is made of...

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